22/52 – June


June does not feel like June.

I’ve always remembered this last month of school as hot and sticky. I’m freezing. I’ve been wearing long sleeves all weekend. Plus a sweater. I hate taking a shower on days like this. The water stays cold for so much longer. The heat is off, but I like sleeping with the windows open, so I’m cold all the time.

I want a nice bowl of soup.

It feels more like March or November.

My lilacs are gone.

School’s crescendo is building, adding more things to the end of year calendar. I’m not ready for summer recess. So much to do around the house. So many expectations of a good vacation with the kids home, but also the anticipation of too many people under one roof all of the time without respite.

There is no time in June, but I must take the time to take a breath.

Make a list.

Gather and locate supplies.

Manage time.

Fill out forms for summer school and VBS. Get in the end of school year paperwork. Red Hats, writing group that I’m in charge of, Gishwhes is coming, planning our trip.

Some of it will pass very slowly, but some will be very fast. Too fast.

When June ends, I will have no kids in elementary school. It’s kind of sad. I’m coping.

June bugs and full moons.

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