Word Art, In Words


​As some of you have seen, I am really enjoying some of the word art that I’ve created in the last few months. Some of them have been to memorialize recent celebrity deaths (I wanted to do Carrie Fisher, but it wouldn’t come together); some were political; some were inspirational.

During the first week of January, I decided to do one for Resolutions. I don’t typically make resolutions. Yes, I need to lose weight and save money, but putting it on a list on January First doesn’t get me to do it; it just makes me very frustrated.

For the least few years, I’ve tried to set limited goals, which I do during Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Then when January rolls around a couple of months later, I can reevaluate and reorient my goals and objectives for the next few months, probably reevaluating at around Lent.

I’ve added the hashtags #actual and #6 months. I’m not sure if writing actual above the word resolutions will make them actually happen but it’s worth a shot. The six months is a reminder to set a date approximately six months in the future and not give up until then. Then it will be time to reevaluate. I may add a few more as things come up and change, but I won’t get rid of any. I think. Probably. No, no, I won’t.

The #new year – 3rd w/4th coming soon hashtag refers to the three New Years that have already passed us by and the upcoming (on Saturday) one:

Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year in September/October

The Catholic New Year – the start of the new liturgical calendar at the beginning of Advent in November.

The Global New Year on January 1st.

The Chinese New Year on January 28. It is the year of the Rooster.

I hadn’t realized that I missed the Welsh New Year, which you can read about here: Yr Hen Galan.

I think the #new you hashtag is self-explanatory. We all want to feel new and refreshed, reinvigorated and reenergized. No matter what we do physically or mentally or spiritually, we all need that new you feeling, and we all deserve it. Start simply. Add a cup of tea to your morning ritual. There is something about tea that slows us down that coffee typically doesn’t.

A #monthly check-in is essential to keep on track. Just set a date on the calendar and then ignore it until it pops up. The less conscious you are of this deadline (unlike other deadlines), the better it is for you to feel natural in the changes.

#write everyday (doesn’t mean post). Writing everyday is an exercise, not in futility, but in discipline. It leaves me more room for research as I discover what I may have forgotten in a theme as well as time to edit and make it better with each rewriting.

Hashtag #water, water, water is also pretty obvious. I need to drink more water and less of the Diet Coke that I love and am probably addicted to. This is my reminder that water is good for me and I need more of it.

The #no bread hashtag is from my doctor from several months ago. She took me off of all bread products and sugar, and the bad stuff – pretty much everything I eat. I lost twenty-four pounds in three months, and with the holidays and the cockiness of losing twenty-four pounds, I’ve gained most of it back. This isn’t just about losing weight; it’s about eating healthier and living longer. I’m not ready to go. I should be doing everything in my power to stay.

#resist is only the first hashtag in a series of hashtags on this topic. Resistance is only the beginning. #we won’t go back #we know our rights and other politically related tags. After the most recent election, I’ve decided to be more politically active, and #resist is only the first way. Beginning Monday I make phone calls, and after that we’ll see where we go from there.

#gratitude & thankfulness – two things that I don’t dwell on enough. I want to be more aware of what I have and express my gratitude for it and the pople around me. Big things, little things, many things that get pushed under the rug.

#feed the soul & prayer daily – This will take many forms. Some formal, some with tea, some in a building with parishioners. It will include writing and drawing and introspection and sharing.

#art^or^photo^or^music^or^all three – These relate to feeding the soul, but it’s not all about spirituality. I have artistic attachments to politics, fandom, and experimental photography

The hashtag of #call out inspirations is important to me in order to draw inspiration from what’s around me – people, places, things, and people who I don’t necessarily know. Here are a few, and I already have a few more to add when I get back to my sketchbook.

#The Rock – Dwayne Johnson. Wrestler, actor, entrepreneur, positive motivator. I use his Rock Clock and read his inspirational words as much as I can, ideally daily. He fires me up. No excuses.

#LMM – Lin-Manuel Miranda. His music, his writing, his determination and motivation. his politics, his family, his humor. It’s all there pushing me, pushing me, pushing me.

#Leah – my friend in Chicago. She does yoga, she drinks tea, she arts, she marches, she is my inspirational feminist, and I love seeing what she’s up to, and drawing from her energy.

#Fran – my godmother. She’s a writer, a pastoral associate, church nerd, and she has a way of bringing it all back to G-d. I look to her to help me adjust my temperament and knee-jerk reactions to things, especially those that I cannot control.

#EK & Vox – Ezra Klein. Political wonk, journalist. Trust, but verify. If his name is on it, I trust that it’s been vetted properly. He has never let me down. I trust him and am happy to say that I’ve been following Vox since he joined them and their inception (I think). It’s exactly what I needed in my political world.

My visuals and colors mean something too. The only change I’d make with the colors is that I would add yellow but the marker doesn’t show very well, and the colored pencils even less so. The flower symbolizes life and growth and beauty. The arrow is for following my own path and for flying straight – honestly and true.

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