Recommended News Sources


​I have tried to choose recommendations that will give perspective and a factual explanation or account. I will readily admit for accountability that I would consider myself. broadly liberal. I sit on the fence for several issues, but others are non-starters for me. 

I believe strongly in the First Amendment; the whole thing. I also believe that the Second Amendment has limitations (as opined by Justice Scalia in his ruling on a case.) 

Freedom of religion is the right to practice or not without governmental interference. Freedom of the press is essential, but not more so than in the next four years. 

My pro-choice support has nothing to do with when you believe life begins. I will never try to change your mind on that or what you believe. Choice means exactly that. A woman’s choice to have autonomy over what happens to her body. We’re upset about the actress in Last Tango in Paris, but if we forced her to have a child, we’re okay with non-con.

LGBT+ rights are human rights. They are civil rights. Civil rights cannot be discriminatory.

If you have further questions, please ask.

If you have any recommendations of your own that you feel I, or readers will benefit from, please add them in the comments. However, I will not support or recommend fake news sights or severely biased, click-baity sites. At the moment, these only include Breitbart, Conservative Tribune, Redneck Nation, Washington Times. Fox News news division (Chris Wallace, Bret Baeir, Shepherd Smith) will be included for information, but not endorsed.

The Trump election has changed the very fabric of our nation. It is up to us to bring it back to our shared values and our Constitution. If you’re for small government, you can’t regulate what happens in my bedroom.

Social security is not an entitlement. Neither is Medicare. WE ALL pay into those funds, and they are ours. We earned them.

Poisoning water in minority areas like Flint, MI and Standing Rock, ND are two examples where communities of color were sacrificed for white communities’ safety.

This is going to be an important time to get accurate information. Opinion shows/columns have their places, but they are not informational. They are merely a stepping stone to get more knowledge on a subject. You can agree or disagree. You can form your own opinion, but please don’t follow and repeat blindly.



Associated Press

BBC News

MIchael Bechloss – historian

Charles Blow – journalist with the New York Times

Sen. Cory Booker

The Carter Center

CNN – Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon

Rep. Elijah Cummings

Sen. Al Franken

The Hill

Sen. Tim Kaine

Ezra Klein 

Rep. John Lewis

Rachel Maddow – yes, she’s a liberal, but she also explains things really well, in excruciating detail so you can understand it. She’s also a journalist and makes her opinions clear as her opinions and not as facts.


The New York Times

Planned Parenthood Action 

Pro Publica


Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary. Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley

Sen. Bernie Sanders Facebook – if you were a Bernie supporter or if you weren’t

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Connie Schultz – Ohio journalist

Southern Poverty Law Center

Vox – excellent for explaining an issue in the news.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

The Washington Post
I personally avoid Morning Joe, Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, but I have been trying to catch the Noon News.

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