Travel – Schuyler Mansion [Albany, NY]


​Spurred on by the Hamilton phenomenon and knowing that Alexander Hamilton was a New Yorker, albeit a transplant, I went in search of his local ties of which it turns out there are many. When I looked up the Schuyler Mansion, my intention was to see a little of his past through his in-laws, Phillip Schuyler and Catherine Van Renssalaer Schuyler. It wasn’t until taking advantage of the recently added tour, When Alexander Hamilton Called Albany Home, that I got a better glimpse into Alexander Hamilton’s time in New York’s capital city of Albany.

Schuyler Mansion, front view. Vestibule was not there during Phillip Schuyler’s time. (c)2016

Things I found out on the tour include Alexander and Eliza having been married here and that Aaron Burr went over legal documents here and used Phillip Schuyler’s study for research alongside Alexander Hamilton. It’s easy to forget that they were once friends.

The Room Where it Happened. The parlor where Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler were married. (c)2016

George Washington stayed here; more than once, as well as the Marquis de Lafayette. The mansion was also the very nice living arrangements for General Burgoyne upon his surrender and after burning down Phillip Schuyler’s Saratoga country home. On the other hand despite having a great many friends and the Schuylers’ being a well-known founding family, Alexander’s wedding to Eliza taking place in the parlor here was attended by only one of Alexander’s friends.

View from the front hall, Schuyler Mansion. (c)2016

Many of the furnishings in the mansion are reproductions but some are originals, including a box that Alexander gifted Eliza with, Phillip Schuyler’s books in the study as well as Alexander and Eliza’s dishes set on the table in the dining room as well as the Schuyler’s three-tiered silver server.

Box gifted to Eliza from Alexander. Original. (c)2016

Phillip Schuyler’s books. Original. (c)2016

Study where Alexander and Aaron Burr worked on legal cases together. (c)2016

Study. (c)2016

Alexander and Eliza’s dish set. Original. (c)2016

Dining Room. In the center of the table is the Schuyler’s three-tiered silver server. Original. (c)2016

Visit their website for special events that go on throughout the year.

There is off-street parking, a small gift shop, and benches throughout the gardens to enjoy a step back in time.
Schuyler Mansion

Hours May 11-Oct. 30, Wed – Sun, 11-5

Admission Adults, $5, 12 and under, Free, Senior/Student, $4

Parking         Off-street parking – no fee

Other Visitor’s Center, Gift Shop

Note Cash and checks only, no credit cards accepted

Gardens. Schuyler Mansion, Albany, NY. (c)2016

Gardens, Schuyler Mansion, Albany, NY. (c)2016

Portrait of a young Alexander Hamilton. Parlor, Schuyler Mansion, Albany, NY (c)2016

Portrait of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton. Parlor, Schuyler Mansion, Albany, NY (c)2016

Portrait of Catherine Schuyler, Eliza’s sister with child. Living room, Schuyler Mansion, Albany, NY (c)2016

Writing Desk used by Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and Schuyler family. Study, Schuyler Mansion, Albany, NY (c)2016

Fire bucket. These are positioned throughout the house in case of fire. (c)2016


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