Knots Untie (The Walking Dead Meta, a week late)



The fact that I haven’t finished my Daryl Dixon meta that I’ve been working on forever has nothing to do with my sudden influx of The Walking Dead meta that may or may not be glorified addendum to that as of yet unfinished masterpiece.

Last week’s Knots Untie had so many things going on as does most of the episodes this season. it really shows the ensemble that is this cast; so many stories.

Abraham and Sasha. Awkward.

I’ll continue my prediction that Abraham will get together with Sasha and Rosita will rebound to Spenser. Yes, I’ve been touting the Rosita/Spenser pair up since the beginning of this season. They spent a lot of time with Freddie talking about his dead wife and seeing her right before he thought he would die. As Abraham was turning purple, he seemed to zone a bit, which is entirely possible considering he was losing oxygen and consciousness. I think he saw Sasha as his last moments lingered nearby. Rosita will not take this well.

Rick killing Ethan. What? I loved that bit. I’m a huge fan of dark humor, although Rick’s weekly blood bath isn’t that dark in the grand scheme of things.

Rick had a lot of great lines. Telling Maggie that she’d be talking to Gregory because Rick “shouldn’t”. It was very much in the same tone as the moment in the week before when after running however many miles after Jesus, and Daryl asks if he wants to bring in this guy to Alexandria, and he answers, “no, not this guy.”

Rick and Michonne. I love the awkward. I love the cutesy hand-holding, driving the RV. I love that in the group dynamic, nothing’s changed yet as far as who’s in charge and chain of command. As always, she’s got his back. I was kind of offended with some internet trolls who insinuated that now that they’re sleeping together that Michonne is knocking out anyone who attacks her man. What a laugh. That was always her role – the solid backup for the team.

Glenn and Maggie and baby. Cute, cute, cute.

Jesus escapes. Daryl is pissed. He paces like a caged animal. He does that when he’s out of his element, when he’s pissed and when he’s posturing. In the dining room, he’s still got his gun in his hands when he’s clearly not going to shoot Jesus, but he gestures with it, he’s pacing and posturing. He’s almost stalking his prey. He will be looking at this guy sideways for a long time.

Negotiating with Jesus after they discuss taking Negan out, he wants supplies: food, corn, and one of them cows. Will you hook us up? This is another example of my meta on how Daryl is always looking out for the kids. Whatever else is going on, he’s taking care of the kids. In the first night in Alexandria when Deanna comes in to check on them, where’s Daryl? Sitting next to Judith, knife in reach if not in hand. Who’s the first one to get baby food and supplies for Judith and take care of her right after she’s born? Daryl. Why do they need a cow? Milk for Judith and the Rhee baby.

There are two things, though in this episode that gives Daryl a certain sadness. He has no expectations because nothing will ever be good. it wasn’t good for him before, why should it be now?

Abraham asks him about settling down. His response is “the shit’s never settled.” “You think shit’s settled?”

In the RV, Michonne hands him the sonogram of Maggie and Glenn’s baby. He gets this look on his face, I can’t quite explain it, it’s kind of a pfft, but it’s also a melancholy that passes across his face, like it’s not something he could ever think about in his life. he won’t have a wife, he won’t have a baby, all he’ll ever be is what he is right now. Those dreams are for other people; not him.

Tomorrow: Not Tomorrow Again Meta

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