On Retreat – Welcome –


The plans I had for posting this week kind of got away from me. Every day I stated something that I wanted to share, but then never got the keyboard out. Then there were family obligations and therapy and packing for my retreat, which I’m on right now.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a travel piece on what items tend to be forgotten. Well, here I am traveling and I’ve managed to forget things I actually needed: my eyeglass case for my glasses to sleep in, a laundry bag, a. nightlight, which this room really does need, and a hairbrush which the mirror in my room will attest to how much that was needed this morning.

I’m sure there are other things that haven’t been discovered forgotten yet, although as I unpacked my bag in my room last night I did realize that overpacked. That is the hazard of packing at the last minute. At least I have enough clothes to wear. I hope.

The theme is Living the Joy of the Gospel and our retreat director is Brother Mickey McGrath, a brilliant artist, teacher, and inspiration.

Later on today, I will share some quotes from Henri Matisse, who was over first session’s creative example. Very inspiring and it’s encouraged me to look Matisse up after this weekend is through.



All the rooms are named for a saint or holy person. My room is St. Jude.


Last night's prayer service. I really love the colorful votives. Especially on one of Brother Mickey's retreats.


Two of my home friends to keep me company. Checkers and an as of yet unnamed Hedghog.

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