We Can Be Heroes


David Bowie (8 Jan 1947 – 10 Jan 2016)

My first David Bowie song is probably still my favorite, Space Oddity, which I still call Major Tom. I think it attracted me in my adolescent wonder of space and Kennedy Space Center and moon landings and Tom Seaver and Star Trek. It calls to me with its haunting melody and the loss of home but also the ‘there’s more out there to see’ calling as well.

I sit on my bed listening to Blackstar, David Bowie’s newest and sadly last new music, and I try to remember a time in my life without David Bowie from his silver suit and glam hair to his platform shoes. Every time you think you’ve outgrown him, he brings a new generation into the fold.

Ziggy Stardust
Thin White Duke
Little Drummer Boy
His collaborations
His adaptions
And adaptations
His innovation
His creativity
His genius

And his inspiration to stand out, to be yourself, to try new things; songs for every mood – ashes to ashes, under pressure, changes, 1984 (the year Igraduated high school), let’s dance, dancing in the street, supermen, rebel rebel, we can be heroes.

A virtual road map for us all to follow on our own paths to dreams blazing our way.

First Look


First Look is a new page that I’m introducing for the New Year. I have tried in the last year to maintain a weekly theme that I write on or gather information about.

Every Sunday night or Monday morning, First Look will premiere as a page with the theme’s name, a writing prompt, question or suggestion, a photograph, and a quotation relating to the theme.

My first First Look is Get Organized. Click the link to visit the page. I will set up a way for feedback or you may use the email address in my FAQ (which will be completed next week).

Thank you everyone for your support as I grow as a writer.