TWD: Observations and Predictions


I haven’t gone back and looked at my original speculation meta for season 6, but I know from the first two episodes that have already aired that I was way, way off. I’m kind of disappointed in myself, but instead of hiding my face in shame and throwing myself into a zombie hoard, I thought I’d have at it again.

I’ve been thinking about what we’ve seen already, and whether I want them to or not, predictions keep popping into my head. It’s probably the writer in me.

First, some observations:

1. Morgan and Carol both seem to be rethinking their base strategies of save as many as you can vs kill as many as you can.

2. It looks like the writers or at least the directors are pushing/hinting to us that they might put Morgan and Michonne together. Please don’t. Follow the chemistry.

3. Aaron found his backpack and gets a case of the guilts. Not surprising but I don’t think necessary. There’s plenty of “blame” to go around, and by blame I mean crappy circumstance. It’s also not the same backpack he lost, and the Wolves don’t seem like the type to upgrade to a different style.

4. Whenever Carol makes a casserole, someone dies. Usually after not eating her casserole. She gave one to Deanna and family; Reg dies. She gave one to Pete; Pete dies. Who’s going to refuse this casserole and die next?

5. Sasha seems to have regained her mental composure; Abraham seems to be losing his.

6. Carol bitched out Mrs. Neudemeier for smoking, but has never once said anything to Daryl about the same thing.

7. It’s scary how well Carol does Suzy Homemaker and Wolf Warrior equally well.

8. Walkers are one thing, but murdering people is becoming too commonplace. Reg is murdered. Pete is murdered by being shot in the face. What are Morgan and Daryl doing? Eating.

9. If Mrs. Neudemeier smoked in the house that last time she might still be alive.


1. I don’t see Abraham and Carol making it to the end of the season.

2. After Abraham dies, I predict Rosita gets together with Spenser.

3. Of course, Enid comes back. Or do Ron and Carl combine forces to find her and bring her back to the safety of the community? Kind of like a heroes’ quest or a new allies situation like Nicolas and Glenn.

4. Lockdown that armory and teach Spenser to shoot at moving targets.

5. Carol gives Mrs. Neudemeier’s cigarettes to Daryl.

6. Morgan and Rick won’t be at odds as much as Morgan and Carol, and Daryl will be torn between them. Why? Because he’s known Carol longer but he really believes Morgan’s viewpoint on this whole killing thing and mercy.

7. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Daryl is the one to kill Carol whatever circumstances causes it to happen.

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