Movie Wednesday – Paul Blart: Mall Cop II


We’re (mainly my son and I) waiting for this to get to our local Redbox. We saw the first one kind of by accident. My son took it out of the library and then he was home sick right before it needed to be returned, so I watched it with him white he was home from school.


It was so funny.

And Kevin James walks that delicate and hilarious tightrope between jokey laughs and bad puns and physical hysteria. He is probably one of the best physical comedians today.

The first Paul Blart: Mall Cop was surprising in its heartwarming story of a father, who is seemingly always on the bottom, never able to reach the next rung personally and professionally, and his teenage daughter who loves him and refuses to be embarrassed by him even as he makes mistakes and tries too hard.

It was funny and sweet and I, for one have been looking forward to this sequel for some long time.

Hopefully tomorrow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.