Dads and Grads


My Dad died twelve years ago in May. We miss him every day. He only got to meet my oldest son, and they had a wonderful relationship before he died. My son is graduating from high school this week, and with Father’s Day just yesterday and my son moving into a new chapter of his life, it’s hard not to think of my Dad and Dad-things.

Yesterday my husband took all of our kids to Six Flags. They went swimming and rode rides, and won prizes and had a great time together. (I’m not a ride, stuck outside in the heat person, so I stayed home, which was good for everyone!) At the park, there was this old fashioned photo thing that he wanted to do. He was thinking we would do it as a family, but I said I actually didn’t want to be in it.

But why?

When I went to college, they had one of those set-ups in the student center, and my Dad took an antique sepia photo with my siblings and me. I wanted my husband to do the same thing with our kids. Just Dad and the kids, pretending to be in the 1800s. I plan to frame them both and hang them together. I can’t wait to see it! I’ll try to scan them both later in the week, and post them for your amusement.

That is one of the ways my Dad is part of this week for us.

Another way is his blue stone ring. He wore it all the time. I don’t think he ever took it off.  It was a gift from his parents. I think he received it for his Bar Mitzvah, but it may have been when he turned 18. When he died, my mother gave it to me for my son, the first grandchild in our family.

We’re going to give it to him on Wednesday, after he graduates from high school.

All the greeting card stores and Target-Wal-Mart card sections always put the cards in one grouping: Dads and Grads – get all your presents and cards in one convenient stop. Plus toilet paper and candy. This year, our family is really celebrating Dads and Grads.

It’s going to be a very long, very tiring, very special week for us. Enjoy your own celebrations with your dads, grads and families.

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