Recs – Kindle Fire


When I like something everyone knows about it because I gush. I’m a gusher. My black boots from Payless? No less than three posts about them since the fall. Supernatural? Need I say more?

Most regular readers know how much I love my Kindle. I received my Kindle Fire for Mother’s Day in 2012. From the moment I pushed the power button I loved it. I talk about it all the time. My only complaint about that first generation Fire was no memory card slot and no exterior volume control. In reality no biggie. I used this Fire religiously on a multi-daily basis from that first day through the end of 2014. Two and a half years of positive bliss.

During Amazon’s Christmas sale, we decided to get my daughter one of the new ones. The HD-6 was less than a hundred dollars and the rest were also very good deals. I advanced myself a small portion of our tax refund and upgraded mine. (My first generation still works fine, and I’m prepping it for my husband’s use.)

The new one (an HD-7) was a little more than $100 but I opted for greater memory (still no external memory card slot), 16GB. The new one does have exterior volume controls, and a sleep mode if you buy the compatible case.

I use my Fire for everything; literally everything:

Checkbook and Expense tracking
Paying my mortgage
Traveling – between lists and planning and maps, it’s indispensable
Facebook and Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter
Email – ALL of my accounts
Mass Readings and/or Devotionals
WordPress writing and posting
First drafts and other short writing (for this Mother’s Day, I’m planning on getting the keyboard to make this even more accessible for my writing)
And of course, reading. I moved my subscription to The Writer to my Kindle, the only magazine subscription I get and I download my library e-books on here too!

In fact, I’m writing this on my Fire in my car right before my therapy appointment!

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