Underachieving by design


What a wonderful thing for me to read this morning amidst the bustle of a school morning. It is something I struggle with daily, especially as a writer who shares her thoughts and deeds on a near daily basis. I wonder if I’m oversharing; if I sound as though I’m bragging when I am really excited about something I’ve done or said and want everyone to know about it. I like the likes. And I want to be liked. At what point, though do I go from well-meaning sharer to over-enthusiastic egotist? It’s a struggle to balance both impulses, and this post by my friend is a good reminder to slow down and rethink things.

There Will Be Bread

'Interesting. . . I see you have a degree in 'Under Achieving'. . .'Another day in Lent, another Gospel challenge. Today – underachieving by design! Yes, you are thinking, “what is she on about now?” You know me, sometimes I like to kid – even, perhaps especially, during Lent.

Achievement. Our world seems pretty much built around it. I worked in the media business for 27 years. My first job was as what was then called (does it even exist now?) “sales assistant.” What did I do? I was a glorified secretary, working for a salesperson. In 1980, this was more likely a man than a woman. If you did your job really well, you would be promoted to – wow, I can’t even remember the title. In was the over-glorified secretary I guess, because you worked for the sales manager, and you supervised the other sales assistants. Yes, I did get this job and I was an incredible disaster at it. At…

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