Within Thirty Minutes of Waking…


I don’t always realize that I have a morning routine until I get a prompt like this. Or try to deviate from it.

Whatever time I wake up, whether it’s 6am or Noon (rarely that late), I always begin (and end) with my Kindle. I use it for everything, and my morning routine only proves that.

Free is good. I head straight to the Amazon Appstore and check on the Free App of the Day. It’s usually a game, but I’ve also found some great professional apps there, like Office Suite (with Word) and Informant (awesome calendar/task app).

I move on to check my social media – Facebook, Tumblr, like and reblog anything that doesn’t need thinking about, and check my email. I generally delete about sixty emails just upon waking. I really need to unsubscribe from many lists. I barely read most of these.

I read a couple of the blogs that I follow on WordPress that immediately catch my eye.

I continue using my Kindle Fire to check my bank’s app, and then balance my checkbook on Spensa.

If I’m not running late, I try to take a few minutes to read Give Us This Day – the daily saint or revered person and the reflection. I bookmark the Evening Scriptures for later. If I don’t have Mass, I read the daily mass from The Word Among Us periodical. I sometimes hold off on this until later in the day when there isn’t any rushing out of the door or errands to run.

I check my daily list and get a feel for how my day is going to go. I make sure that my daily post goes up on WordPress or that it’s ready to go.

I take notes on what other writing I’d like to do this week or add to my Editorial Calendar, which is literally a calendar book from Mead that I’ve found overwhelmingly helpful.

And that’s about it.

I take a shower and get dressed and head out to Mass three days a week. It vaguely changes on the weekend, but not really. It all depends on the family.

Sometimes it takes thirty minutes; sometimes ninety. I never know until I get through the list, but I do find that it helps get me focused on what needs to be done so I don’t forget anything important.

On occasion, I get brain fog, and I need much more rigid lists, but lists are good for me. And when all the items are checked off and not deferred to the next day, it’s a feel good like no other.

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