January Index



With the new year commencing on Thursday, what is the one thing you remember or love about 2014 and what is the one thing you want (or want to do) in 2015?

New beginnings

Resolutions, Reflections


Resolutions, 2015

Happy Birthday, Baby!

New Beginnings

Resolutions and Reflections

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

A Doctor Who Sketch


Alfred Lord Tennyson

C.S. Lewis

Kristin Armstrong

John Barrowman

A. A. Milne

Motivating Your Organization and Organizing

Benjamin Franklin

About Writing


Brother Mickey McGrath

Ambient Noise

Tabletop Audio

Inspirational Book – Under the Tamarind Tree

Organizational Helpers

Instant Inspiration (writing)


White Noise App

Original Writings and Reflections

Annual Mason Jar Project

Weekly Photo Challenge

New Beginnings – A Reflection

A Reflection on Resolutions

An Actual Agenda for This Week 😉

Current Events/Politics

I Remember (Thoughts on MLK Day)

Rethinking the March for Life

Domestic Violence

BDSM? Or Abuse? (cross-posted with Sexuality)


BDSM? Or Abuse? (cross-posted with Domestic Violence)


My First Church Friend


Unsure of a Title, Tags, Categories! (suicide and suicide prevention)

Buttermilk Pecan Pie for National Pie Day

Blogging 101

Why I’m Blogging

Title and Tagline

Words in Space (Etheree Poetry) (cross-posted with Memoir)

Request for Feedback

Share Links

Writing Exercise (Mockingjay, page 82, line 3)


Random Acts (charity)
The Trevor Project (lgbt+)
Brother Mickey McGrath (spiritual, art)
Thesaurus (writing)
Urban Dictionary (writing)
IRS (money, taxes)
Punxsutawney Phil (holidays)
National Domestic Violence Hotline (domestic violence)
National Weather Service (weather)
Catholic Culture (spiritual, history)
Transgender Law Center (lgbt+, legal, trans-specific)


Fifty Shades of Grey in its own words describing why it’s glorified abuse

A chart showing the difference between BDSM and Abuse

Blog Housekeeping

Apparently, I’ve Hit the Wrong Button (I lost my theme)

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