Recommendation – Evernote





My first smartphone wasn’t smart at all. It looked like an iPhone, but none of the icons were actually apps. I could surf the net but it wasn’t until the Android system that I finally understood and began to use apps.

I’ve been using apps for a few years now, and my favorite, most useful, the one I recommend to all, glowingly and effusively, is Evernote.

I have the app on my phone, my Kindle, and my computer plus I can access it from any computer by signing in at Evernote(dot)com. It is all synched and ready each time I open it up.

While I was still experimenting with this type of organizational app and trying out different ones, I was always drawn back to Evernote.

It really is the best one out there.

Evernote can be as general or as specific as you need. You decide how many notebooks you create. You choose and create your own tags. You can save things to a top menu for shortcuts if you’ll be using something more often for a period of time. You can even share your notebook with others if you want or need to.

Currently, I have seventeen notebooks and way too many tags, and I’m working on paring it down.

In addition to my long-hand notes, I also use it for checklists and collecting photos and links for other projects. It’s an all-in-one app; there are things it does that I haven’t even discovered yet.

I find it essential for my writing as well as organizing the information in my personal life.

It’s also free if you use the basic program.

Give it a try. You won’t be sorry.