Sundays in Lent – 1st Tuesday



Read today’s readings. I’ve provided them below the cut from the USCCB website. You can go there (or to your Bible/Lectionary source) for the responsorial psalm.

What are they saying to you?

How do they relate to your “real” life?

Meditate, which is just a fancy word for think about or reflect on how the readings make your feel and how you can be more mindful of G-d. Continue reading

Sundays in Lent – 1st Monday


Words of Wisdom

The last four days were the precursor; the dipping your toe in the water before jumping in the rest of the way. Starting with today, now, we’re really into it.

What are your intentions?

What are you hoping to receive from this Lent?



Lev 19:1-2, 11-18

Psalm 19

Matt 25:31-46

[These can be accessed through the USCCB website. They can even be emailed to you.]