Summer Vacation, Week 1


First week of summer vacation is getting used to everyone in the house again.

We spend more time home than out, which is a double edged sword. There is no money for an away vacation; that’s been for several years now. All our “vacation” money goes for trips to see Grandma.

In addition to money, one edge is that I can’t be in the sun. One of my blood pressure medications makes me very, very sensitive to the sun. Even the slightest sunbeam sends me into a scratching frenzy that lasts all day. This year, it is actually much worse than in the past. My skin is dry and flaky and there are some tiny scars left behind. I find my best friend is hand cream.

The other edge is that my husband works at home, and is often in meetings on the telephone. The kids are a little noisier during the summer than the rest of the year; the main reason being that they are actually home and not in school.

Our first week is usually very laid back. It’s a level of laid back/lazy that would put a sloth to shame.

We see who can sleep the latest, who can stay in their pajamas the longest, who can watch TV more, and we really test the batteries on our tablets and Kindles.

It’s our Braveheart call to freedom.

To coincide with my summer blog format the kids are looking forward to new foods to try, weekly movies with popcorn, one or two ‘field trips’ plus summer programs at the local community center and vacation bible school. They’re not terribly fond of it, but I’m excited for the youth minister running this summer’s program. Next year it will probably be back at my home church, and they liked the week it was there. It’s not torture, and they can’t sit around the house all summer. That’s just bonkers.

Dad will take them bike riding, and they’re old enough to play in the backyard on their own for a couple of hours at a time.

In August we’re gearing up for GIshwheS. Check the gishwhes tag to see last year’s posts.

We do have online plans as well as my daughter reclaiming her fashion blog.

On a personal note, I’ve had some motivational issues in getting to mass. I’m not sure why. When I go I enjoy it, and I get a lot out of it. It may have something to do with how busy the last two months were in getting ready for two of my kids to graduate from their respective schools. I may have needed a break; from everything.

The other night I sat and said the rosary. I may add that to my daily thing. The kids interrupted with hugs and kisses for bedtime, but that didn’t bother me. In fact, it seemed to fit in nicely with the prayers.

I usually give myself a retreat in the spring and/or fall. I don’t see anything on the calendar for the Dominican retreat house that I enjoy this summer, but I have been lucky to have discovered an online retreat (Ignatian Spirituality) for the next five weeks; I expect to share those reflections with you as I complete them.

Every season I try to start again. That gives me at least four times a year to regroup and re-energize and recharge.

Summer is my least favorite season, so I need that extra little motivation to get going. Any suggestions on activities, readings, foods and movies, let me know in all the ways.