We’re Fools for April


There is no way to pinpoint precisely when April Fool’s Day began, but it was already a part of life in the mid 1700s. It’s possible that it began in as part of the changeover of the calendar year. With the year ending on March 25th, there was a period of spring gift giving that culminated on April 1st. it might also be in response to the change by keeping a ritual on the first day of April.

It is also suggesting that it may have evolved from the Hindu Feast of the Fools or the Roman holiday of Hilaria.

Read more on the prank filled day’s history from Vox [dot] com’s piece from this morning.

Here are a few others that I saw today that are worth visiting:

Berkeley Breathed revises Bill Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes.

Netflix and John Stamos present John Stamos: A Human. Being.

Kings College Choir finds a way to keep high male voices.

New Han Solo movie will feature a computer generated Han Solo.

Canada releases archival documents regarding Wolverine

Friends with Government Benefits starring George Takei and Cloris Leachman

From 2013, the Mishapocolypse. I participated in this and it was surreal. This gives the best description that I was able to find.

We also convinced my son to apply for a job as a kiosk ambassador for Redbox, and my daughter that her beautiful brown eyes were now blue. (It was 7am so she was a little susceptible to suggestion.)

Enjoy the rest of your April Fool’s, and the irony of the following graphic:


Taken from George Takei's Facebook page, 4/1/16