I’ve decided to have my first GIVEAWAY. It being first, in the hope of others down the line.

The prize:

Embrace Hope heart pin, designed and sold by Penzeys Spices.

I have posted a few times over the course of this past year with links and offers from Penzeys Spices. They have used their platform and their motto, Cooking is Kindness to highlight some of the injustice, racism, and the ongoing threat to our democracy that have been happening since the 2016 election.

Their offers are usually directly related to something happening in the news, both negative and positive. For example, they offered a free 1/2 cup jar of any spice in one of the rainbow colors for the anniversary of marriage equality. They offered Tsardust Memories when convictions started pouring in from Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. They offered a free eight jar Penzeys American Heart and Soul Box with regional seasonings from around the country to illustrate our unity. When John McCain died, they honored his patriotism and public service with two free jars of their Arizona Dreaming seasoning. I find owner, Bill Penzey’s customer letters to be inspiring.

Embrace Hope was one of those things that began as a sticker on their bags and shipping boxes. From the moment I saw it, I loved it. I was surprised and very much excited when they made it into a pin. I thought it was the perfect message that everyone, on all sides of the political spectrum need to hear and to carry in their hearts.

I have received a few of these pins free of charge, and I’ve shared them with friends and family. After these midterm elections, while outcomes were not exactly what I wanted and what I think this country needed, and of course, we still have a long way to go for universal voter franchisement, returning oversight to the House is a great thing; for everyone. A more diverse House is a great thing; for everyone.

I wanted to share this sentiment with you, my dear readers by sharing one of the Embrace Hope pins with you through this giveaway.

The fine print:

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