How Do You Write?


How do you write? That is the question of the week.

I use my Kindle keyboard, my laptop, and paper and pen. My pens aren’t anything special except to me. They’re ball point. I usually bet them while I’m on vacation in local gift shops. Good pens are also the free ones you get at the hotels. Seriously.

The other day I tried a new pencil. I almost never write in pencil, but I was intrigued by a recent podcast from Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach. I listen to her podcasts pretty regularly or I’ll read the transcript which is what I did in this case.

You can listen or read by following the link below:

Do You Need Stephen King’s Pencil?

I think we all kind of feel that the greats have some kind of special ability besides the actual excellent writing – a comfy chair, a perfect mug of their drink of choice, a light that shines on the paper or the computer and leaves no glare, and if writing on paper, a writing implement.

To be honest, I felt that Stephen King was a felt tip or gel roller type of writer. Or an old-fashioned typewriter like the kind I learned on in high school in the eighties.

But according to Ann Kroeker’s research, Stephen King’s pencil (not pen) of choice is the Blackwing 602. On the side of the pencil is the tagline: HALF THE PRESSURE, TWICE THE SPEED. The eraser is larger than on a school pencil but squared and squished.

I had to go to an artist materials supply store. And they cost $2.25 each. I bought a couple to let my upcoming students try them out.

And I have to tell you…

I loved it!

It was smooth. It was fast.

I liked it.

I’m not going to change what I write with (for the most part) but I really did enjoy the feel for it.

Anyway, if you’re reading this Stephen King and you want a couple of extra pencils, email me your address and I’ll send them out. I’ll even spring for shipping.

In the photos below,

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