I have been following the Spotify situation concerning Neil Young and his concerns with vaccine misinformation, which I agree with wholeheartedly.

At this time, I have not decided what to do about my Spotify account going forward. I do have a new link in the sidebar that goes along with an upcoming piece, and for the moment, I will continue monthly listings.

I do not pay anything for my Spotify account, and I am not sure how they would make money from my continuing to use it. However, I will spend the next few weeks learning more and making the decision on whether or not to promote them in the future.

I would appreciate any thoughts, positive and negative that would help me make a final decision.

One thought on “Spotify…

  1. Not a Spotify user myself, but if I were, I would probably bail out over the issue of misinformation sites like Joe Rogan. Spotify is getting both positive and negative comments from this. Some users will support the site’s “freedom” to host what they want, whom they want. Some will leave in protest. Spotify counts numbers and numbers count. if enough people are pissed off about Joe Rogan to register their displeasure, they’ll pay attention. Joni MItchell is the newest big name to protest.

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