Mental Health Monday – A Good Morning


​Recently, I attended a weekend retreat that centered around letting go of clutter, and letting G-d in. It was both practical, in addressing the myriad of physical clutter around us (and me in particular), but also the clutter that occupies space in our mind that blocks off the spiritual.

There were so many things explored that I couldn’t possibly describe my notes and do them justice or to describe how much I got out of the sessions.

However, there is one thing that I wanted to share that I’ve started, practically as soon as the retreat was over.

It’s a Good Morning Journal.

Along with deciding what you want to get out of your schedule and inventorying what your schedule actually looks like, this is one way to take care of yourself. Self-care is the most important thing you can do for your mental and spiritual health. We get in the way of ourselves by not allowing us to take care of ourselves.

It’s like the emergency directions on an airplane. Put your oxygen mask on first; then you can help others with theirs.

To help others, help yourself first.

The Good Morning Journal is one of those ways.

The object is to read it every morning after you wake up, while you do your morning rituals, whether they be taking your medication, praying, meditating, centering yourself before the start of your busy day. Use this time in the morning to empty the vessel so you have room for what’s going on in your day.

About a week after this retreat, I saw the spiritual director, and I told her that while I didn’t read the Good Morning Journal every morning, I thought of it every day, and it really increased my positivity and my feeling closer to G-d.

It’s for you. No one else has to see it unless you want to show it to them. I’ll share a few of my pages with you so you can see some examples of what I’ve done. I chose a small book so I’m able to carry it around with me no matter what bag I’m carrying. I’ve written some Scripture readings, quotations from books I’ve recently read, quotes from Twitter, small drawings that I was moved to draw specifically for this journal, a list of positive resources in the back, an affirmation coin, and the string that each retreatant was given that binds us to the other.

We’re never alone.

My Good Morning Journal. (c)2018

The original idea for a Good Morning Journal came from Susan K. Roland’s book, Make Room for G-d: Clearing Out the Clutter. There are many other good ideas within her pages.
Do you have resources for morning rituals or centering activities and meditations? Share them below.

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