Opinion – Give Me Justice


Give me justice, O God, and plead my cause against a nation that is faithless. From the deceitful and cunning rescue me, for you, O God, are my strength. Cf. Ps 43 (42):1-2

I was reading through today’s readings to find my reflection for Sundays in Lent, my ongoing devotional book-postings. This was the verse I chose. For those of you who’ve already read this morning’s Sundays in Lent you’ll know that I went with another verse. The reason for that is that once I put this one in my Word doc, I couldn’t get past a nation that is faithless. I was still steaming mad about the firing of Andrew McCabe on the day before his retirement.

That man is an American hero; a patriot. Like James Comey before him, he struggled to come to terms with a new Administration that didn’t know what they were doing and it showed. They literally did not know how to turn on the lights, and when offered help, they decided that they’d rather sit in the dark than accept suggestions from the folks who’d been there.

Andrew McCabe’s wife ran as a Democrat and lost. She received campaign contributions from Terry McAuliffe, a friend and colleague of the Clintons. Never mind that he was governor of Virgina and ran the Democratic National Committee. I’m sure he’s given money to lots of Democratic candidates.

The President didn’t like that.

He doesn’t like a lot of things.

It didn’t matter that Deputy Director of the FBI McCabe has voted Republican for as long as he’s been there. It didn’t matter that he had a distinguished career for the past twenty-one years. It didn’t matter that his specialty was paying attention to what the Russians were doing. Yes, before candidate Trump made sweetheart deals with them. It didn’t matter that no matter what Andy McCabe did, or could do, he had a target on his back from the President.

Jeff Sessions should have shown some backbone and stood by this civil servant.

There was no legitimate reason to rush this through, and there was no legitimate reason to fire him at all except that the President is a mean, vindictive bully and he wanted him to lose his pension.

When I read that Scripture, I tried to turn it around and make a lenten reflection from it, but it wouldn’t come. All I could think of was how this nation is faithless when it comes to treating its most trusted representatives. It lets the treasonous go, and makes mountains out of molehills for everything and everyone else.

I have no doubt that Andrew McCabe will get justice. He will be rescued from the deceitful and cunning, although cunning gives a bit too much credit to this feckless, absurdity of an Administration. I realize it’s not the nation that’s faithless; it’s the current occupants of the GOP and the White House, but we, the people have the strength to withstand, and McCabe, and others like him, are not alone. We stand or fall together. We need to stand for what we believe in. Silence is complicity.

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