Post-Election Reflection – FBI, DOJ, WH


​Whatever you think of Rachel Maddow’s opinions and politics, put those aside and find tape of last night’s show (May 9th, 2017). Rachel Maddow makes no apologies for her very strong feelings or her liberal, progressive beliefs. However, she is one of the brilliant minds in politics today. She’s smart, honest, and educates and explains hard to understand politics with details that often get overlooked or ignored by partisan pundits. She is much more than that.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in public policy. She attended Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship and earned her doctorate in political science.

To not take her seriously or dismiss her as partisan would be at your own peril.

I started watching last night’s episode to get a sense of what was going on with FBI Director James Comey’s firing and then I was going to head off to bed to read. She began the segment with an explanation and followed up with an in-depth interview with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, a Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

When I started taking notes, and noticed that there were no commercials at the thirty-five minute mark, I realized this was no ordinary, regular show.

Watch the entire show. Form your own opinions. Ask your own questions.

Following Whitehouse was senior Democrat on the Oversight Committee, Representative Elijah Cummings, Presidential Historian, Michael Bechloss, journalist and author Tom Brokaw, the Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky [who covers the Justice department], DOJ attorney, Matthew Miller, and journalist Andrea Mitchell, each one bringing their own perspective and expertise to the conversation.

Before I share with you my personal comments, notes, and questions, I would highly recommend watching this episode start to finish. Go in with impartiality, and take your own notes, ask your own questions. So far, Ms. Maddow was declined all requests for interviews with Republican lawmakers.

A quick note to let readers know that anything in quotation marks was said by the person quoted or being spoken to by Ms. Maddow. The rest are my own opinions/questions.

FBI Director Firing. Wow.

Does this rise to Watergate level?

Freedom Caucus Representative (Amash, maybe?) asks for independent investigation.

Just like Trump’s blind trust, recusals by Sessions are window dressing.

Rosenstein memo, but still recommended by Session despite recusal.

Is this impeachment level?
The WH & AG are so intertwined, how can any of them be impartial in this?

Was the firing warranted regardless of whether the reasons made sense?

“Hocus-pocus move” – Rep. Elijah Cummings in regards to Russia, Russia, Russia, You’re Fired Comey, what’s Russia?

According to Cummings, Chaffetz [Jason, chairman of the Oversight Committee] won’t subpoena the White House.

No accountability with this President. Republican colleagues/friends aiding and abetting. – essentially from Cummings.

“This is an American issue”, not Dem or Rep

Nunes [Devon, chairman of intelligence committee] – “that was a fiasco”

We need immediate emergency hearings – re: former FBI Dir. Comey testifying as well as the AG (Sessions) and the Acting AG. The Speaker of the House needs to put country above party and McConnell, and they won’t.

If they won’t do it [call for a special investigator/prosecutor], we [the Dems] can’t call for hearings [as the minority party]

Bechloss – Nixonian pattern of firings.

Brokaw – (Nixon) Saturday Night Massacre much different than Comey’s firing. (Disagreement with Bechloss’ assessment of that point)

Take a deep breath, see the facts as they are. It’s a complex situation. – Brokaw.

“his own sphere of reality” – Trump has.

This is a continuation of the chaos since the Inauguration.

Schumer’s statement

NYT article of the timeline.

Additional Reading:

Dan Rather’s opinion piece

FBI Director Comey requested more money for Russia probe/investigation days prior to his firing

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