16/52 – Ezra Klein


I first saw Ezra Klein giving analysis on MSNBC. I knew that seeing him on screen that I would be in for an insightful discussion of that day’s headline news. I have always found him honest and engaging; able to get to the heart of the matter, and show depth to both (or more) sides of an issue.

When he formed his new website, Vox, I followed. I have never been disappointed. They are both opinionated and educatonal. Their opinions are clearly laid out as are their explanations of the complicated facts and news of the day.

He, and his team, have a way of taking a huge issue and breaking it down into bite-sized, easier to understand pieces. He and Vox use whatever media isw at their disposal from videos and charts to photos and humor.

Ezra Klein is a great example of what it is to be a journalist in today’s media world.

With this year’s uproar over fake news and the President’s disregard for the profession of journalism and the journalist, it is more important than ever to have reliable news sources. Ezra Klein is a reliable news source.

Check him out on Facebook and on the Vox website.

It’s Thursday


I feel as though I should apologize. I plan out  my posts, and try to have them here almost daily. On a week like this, there should have been at least three of my writings to read.

I’ve been writing.


Between my Lent/Easter journal, a quick positive book news about my house, writing class homework, and brainstorming for my saint’s prayer card that I’m working on, I’ve been writing every day.

Unfortunately, in my mind, I’ve felt as though I’ve shared some of that here when I haven’t.

I will have a bit of a catch up once I sort out my morning and my writing class.

In the meantime, what are some of the things you’ve thought that you’ve done this week, but in actuality have not?