Election Reflection – Resistance


The main objective of resistance is change through protest. Raising our voices in unison and saying this is not okay. I complained a bit about George W.Bush’s tenure as President, but I trusted his heart to know the right thing. I thought he was a good leader in not scapegoating Muslims after 9/11, and I really believed that he did what he thought was best. I do not have those same feelings with our current president.

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I think the Women’s March of January 21st and subsequent marches have shown us the widespread frustration at this administration’s tone-deafness and fear-mongering.
Just today I read a headline (from The Hill, one of my go-to reliable resources) about the EPA to begin rolling back President Obama’s clean water act, directed by President Trump.

How can anyone be against clean water?

Who would be against clean water?!

Republicans, of course.

Copyright – Shepard Fairey. (c)2017

Signing his name on Executive Orders as photo ops is not doing the job of the Presidency, and Republicans letting this farce continue should be embarrassed and too ashamed to look themselves in the mirror.
Well, we are the Resistance, and if you read through President Bush’s comments over the last few days you’ll see that the Resistance has gone mainstream.

Following a bi-partisan governors’ meeting, Democratic governors were kept from the meeting with Trump by the Trump staff.

Copyright – Shepard Fairey. (c)2017

Some  ways you can be part of this movement are:
Stand up.

Speak out.

Rise up.

1. Contact your local representatives and Senators even if they’re Democrats. They’re still keeping call tallies to voice opposition.

2. Read real news. Look at who Spicer banned from his recent gaggle to get some suggestions, but include The Washington Post, The New York Times, The LA Times.

3. Check in with Robert Reich each night at 8pm for The Resistance Report.

4. Read Dan Rather’s pieces on his Facebook. He has some great insight into what we’re seeing today.

5. Follow the Women’s March as they promote and organize more rallies and actions of resistance.

6. Download and read the Indivisible Guide.

7. Donate to the ACLU who are in the front trenches in court.
8. Most importantly, don’t think there is nothing you can do. If we stand together, we can get things done. Can’t march? Send emails or make phone calls. Stuff envelopes.Correct your friends when they post something outlandish and give them the factual information for the topic.

9. Resist.

10. Persist.

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