On the First Day of Christmas, my True Love gave to Me:


…a history lesson. 🙂

It was only after a discussion with my husband and my own new found education now that I am more familiar with the Catholic liturgical calendar that I realized how most of us think of Christmas as ending with Christmas when in reality it begins with it.

The Christmas season begins with the birth of Christ and continues through the Epiphany.

Just like the Easter season begins with the end of Lent and continues through Pentecost, there is more than meets the eye.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to look a little deeper and see why we observe or celebrate the things we do. Children aren’t the only ones who ask the whys and wherefores.

We all have an insatiable curiosity and sometimes we have to feed it for ourselves.

I’ve included two links to get you started.

Happy Christmas.

Looking forward to a joyous Christmastide.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

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