Hello There


I wish I could say that I was absent this last week because of something extraordinary, but the days slipped by with too much Facebook, too much cleaning, not enough writing, and the Christmas time crunch. 

I do expect some catching up to happen beginning today including some election reflection, a Fantastic Beasts review, holiday traditions, and Advent reflection plus a few pictures here and there. 

This year has twelve days left after today, and in some ways, good riddance.  It has been  a long year, and one I would not want to repeat on many,  many levels. 

Please also excuse any typos.  My keyboard seems to have a mind of its own and is not getting along wiith my new kindle. 

I know what I’ll be working on this afternoon! 

Happy (?) Monday. In addition to my list of things to do, the the Electoral College meets today.  Let us hope for the best. 


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