TWD Confessions


​TWD SPOILERS – Season 7 premiere

I have a confession to make.

I really want to rewatch The Walking Dead premiere but I also never want to see it ever again. The deaths were bad enough especially Glenn although I loved Abraham too, but the emotional toll that’s going to play out for Rick and Daryl is almost too much to handle. Whenever I think about Rick carrying Glenn’s body (he was out family too) or watching Daryl as Glenn is being murdered, my eyes keep welling with tears.

Greg Nicotero’s direction of that first episode was flawless imo. I’m not a huge fan of flashback but his vision and nuance brings so much to the screen. I’ve looked forward to all of his eps but this one was perfect.

I may write individual character reviews because all the acting here was brilliant.

Also not happy with the Movie Pilot click bait for the last two days.

And the comment section where everyone who complained about only killing Alexandrians that no one cares about are now complaining that they killed off beloved characters. Ugh. You can’t have it both ways.

Also Sunday dinner wasn’t supposed to be literal; it’s Rick’s perfect vision. Sasha isn’t pregnant in the future – it’s what might have been. She still might be pregnant. Glenn and Maggie having a boy is not revelation – it’s already in the comics. To one pundit, just because Daryl is wearing his usual outfit didn’t mean it’s dirty. He cleaned up for Deanna’s party; there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t clean up for that dinner.

More on this, I’m sure, at another time, maybe even before Sunday.

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