Gishwhes 2016 Wrap-Up


On the most recent Saturday, Gishwhes 2016 came to an end. I think this might have been the best year yet. The items were a nice balance of good deeds, insane impossibilities, creativity, and small doses of public humiliation.

This year we squirted milk out of our noses, sold bottles of air, helped the homeless, raised money for FOUR Syrian refugee families (two was the original goal), tweeted Mike Pence the dangers of smoking, tweeted Lin-Manuel Miranda other historical raps, and sent postcards to William Shatner, who had the last laugh by giving out Misha Collins’ address. Well played, Bill.

The whole family got involved whether they wanted to or not. And they liked it.

On a personal note, I completed 10 items and helped on seven items for the team. I’m really proud of myself, but so much prouder of my team. Everyone stepped up, and we all helped each other out with screenshotting, editing videos, collaging photos and submitting. It was exactly the way a team should be.

Out of a possible 9753 points, our completed items were at 6950. Now it’s up to the judges to award bonus points.

We’ll have out items up on the public pages soon, and I’ll share those urls so you can see our phenomenal work. In the meantime, here are the ones of mine that I haven’t shown you yet:

Of the team items, I:

1. Changed my FB profile picture to a robot. I chose the Lost in Space robot: Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.

2. Take a team photo that reflects your state. I grabbed a hot pretzel with mustard and headed to the Erie Canal. Everyone had great photos.

3. Add a couplet to a round robin poem started by Misha Collins, tweet it, and tag the next teammate.

4. Promote the team crowd rise page to support the Syrian refugee families that Random Acts is helping this year. We met our goal of ten donations and RA surpassed the goal to the point that they added two more families to help.

5. Recommend a teammate’s cat on LinkedIn.

6. Liked the Kilroy meme for the team. We needed 100 likes, and we did not solicit publicly. We did this with our family and friends.

7.  Tweet Rob Benedict’s PSA on the signs of a stroke and get 15 new people to tweet it themselves.

My individual items for the team included:

1. Leave coupons in the supermarket next to the item with a note from the coupon fairy.


Brave LIttle Ants, 2016. Item #10. From the Coupon Fairy

Bottled water is all the rage. What about bottled air?

I loved putting this one together. In the spring I visited Grant Cottage where President Ulysses S. Grant stayed to complete his memoirs. It was thought that the mountain air would help his health before succumbing to cancer. I thought that since the President came specifically, and literally for the air, it might be the place to gather our air to sell. We went to the Air Museum in Scotia, NY to sell our wares.


Brave LIttle Ants, 2016. Item #29. Selling Air


Brave Little Ants, 2016. Item#29. Our label for the fresh air bottles. Source: Mt. McGregor, Wilton, NY, outside of Grant Cottage.

3. Create a vision board from The Secret book/movie.

This was very similar to that spring project I did at the Dominican Retreat House using Scriptures as inspiration. I used what I had on hand, and was surprised at how much relevant pictures and words I could find.


Brave LIttle Ants, 2016. Item #39. Vision Board

4. Show Superheroes in their downtime doing household chores. The way this one came out is my favorite!

I surveyed our vast collection of costumes, and thought about which one would fit which family member. I love how this one came out from the blur on Flash’s speedy washing of dishes to Superman’s heat vision for drying them. I also love how their reds don’t blend into each other; there is real definition of who is standing where and what household chores they’re doing with minimal explanation. I’m proud to say this was done strictly with camera angles and movement. No photoshop was used in the making of this picture.


Brave LIttle Ants, 2016. Item #90. Superheroes doing Chores

5. Leaving envelopes on a row of cars from the Parking Salutations Bureau with positive messages.


Brave LIttle Ants, 2016. Item #102. Parking Salutations Bureau

6. Create a sock monkey hat out of odd socks.

My daughter is modeling my handmade creation, and I will add that it actually fits on my head as well, although not as nicely.


Brave LIttle Ants, 2016. Item #109. Create a sock monkey hat out of odd socks.

7. Create a social media blog post on an aspect of Miss Jean Louis’ biography. She is the elusive babysitter of Misha Collins.

As part of Gishwhes, I posted this item on the blog last week.

8. Write a paragraph of a habit that you changed and a piece of advice.


Brave LIttle Ants, 2016. Item #139. It's a Hard Habit to Break

9. Tweet and get twenty people to retweet about the smelly penguins.


Brave LIttle Ants, 2016. Item #60. Save the Smelly Penguins

10. Create an application for the position of Director of Imagined Realities.

While these were my individual items, I had help with collaging the tweets and screencapping the application and so much other support and encouragement on how to make my items better.

I can’t say how great my team is enough times. It still won’t be enough. So pleased and our captain was the perfect combination of authority, cheerleader, and encouraging and supportive.

Win or not, I’m looking forward to this great group of individuals coming together again next year.

If you want to get in on the fun next year, check out the Gishwhes website for more ridiculous shenanigans.

My team’s public Facebook where you can see our amazing items can be found here.

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