Miss Jean Louis, Babysitter Extraordinaire


For a time in Boston, Misha lived near Miss Jean Louis. She was an odd duck and she was ancient then; there’s no telling how old she really is.

Through gishwhes we know her as Misha’s elusive babysitter, but she actually babysat for him and his brother as well as some of the other neighborhood misfits when Misha was young.

She discovered the group figgzerblatzing behind the school and after loudly admonishing them, complete with gesturing wildly with hands and feet, she was the first to tell them that proper figgzerblatz was only to be done in the privacy of your own home, preferably alone and when no one was in the house. Misha never forgot this important life lesson. In fact, it deeply scarred him. His brother, not so much.

Miss Jean Louis fixed snacks for the neighbor kids every day. She had, and still has an odd obsession with k*le and rainbow sprinkles. She put them in, and on, everything. K*le cupcakes. K*le popcorn. K*le salad. K*le pizza. All with rainbow sprinkles.

When Miss Jean Louis would send Misha home after babysitting she would tell him to gish on. He wasn’t sure what that meant back then; I’m not sure he understands any better now.

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