Fandom is a Funny Thing


I started watching Supernatural in the middle of the seventh season. My first episode was The French Mistake. I knew the actors better than the characters. I eventually started marathoning on Netflix. Since The French Mistake was an episode that broke the fourth wall it was easy to relegate it to the recesses of my mind and have it not interfere with the storyline.

Along the way I got to know the characters. The first actress to play the demon Ruby was Katie Cassidy. I really liked her take on the character. No offense against one of my favorite Padaleckis, but I preferred her Ruby to Gen. I mean, I had warm and fuzzies for Jared’s wife, but I really liked Ruby 1.0. I liked her sass and her practicality.

I didn’t realize she was the actress playing Laurel Lance on The CW’s Arrow for longer than I would like to admit. It took me a long time to figure it out. I only watched it haphazardly, if it happened to be on, a few episodes at the end waiting for Supernatural to start. And then Laurel began to be Black Canary. Seriously, one of my very favorite female superheroes. Black Canary and Batgirl. One in the comics, one on the television. And now, Black Canary was going to be on television. I was excited to see her take on this character.

About two months ago (or more), Marty Ingalls died. I looked up his wife, Shirley Jones. I had been a big fan of The Partridge Family in my childhood. I grew up singing their songs. Every time a school bus would pass by it would remind me of that show. Just like everyone else in the mid-70s, I had a crush on David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce. In high school, I was a huge fan of Shaun Cassidy, David’s younger half-brother. I used to sing along to both Cassidys’ albums in my basement, sitting by the record player, wearing this giant pair of headphones as if I were in a recording studio with him.

Along this Google/Wikipedia trip down memory lane, I read that Shaun Cassidy was the uncle of the actress, Katie Cassidy. I know all of you see where this is going, but at this point, I still didn’t get it; not until I clicked on her link and saw her photo. And then, finally, I recognized her.

Katie Cassidy?!

Ruby? Laurel? Katie Cassidy?!

My mind was sputtering.

How did I not know that Katie Cassidy, one of my favorite actors on two of my current shows was David Cassidy’s daughter?

How did I not know this?

Second generation fan. Or is it the same fan but with a second generation actor? Or is it fan, once removed.

I don’t know which, but I think I like it.