Summer Recs


1. Sunscreen. Spray on sunscreen is amazing for keeping kids’ skin healthy. Neutrogena is also a great product that is good for your skin. Don’t forget the lips, nose, and ears.

2. Sunglasses for outside, and a sweater for inside.

3. Visit your local library. They have super summer programs for all ages, and on those really brutal days, they also have air conditioning.

4. GishwheS – the first week of August. (Or other creative endeavour that you’ve been thinking of trying.)

5. Create a summer tote-bag. Include a journal and a pen, some colored pencils, a camera, a book you haven’t read yet, a couple of local postcards to send to the friends you miss or to Grandma or your favorite aunt and uncle or cousin.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN. Each day is a new one, and you have the chance for something spectacular. Or just simply for relaxing. I’ll post my own summer tote-bag’s contents when it’s closer to summer.

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