Travel Recs


This is a small and non-inclusive list. Please add your own favorites in the comments.

Fugu Revolutionary Suitcase – goes from carry-on to check in suitcase and more. I’ve never used this, but the video was so cool, I wanted to share it!

Rothco Canvas Travel Portfolio Bag – comes in black, brown, olive drab, camo, and khaki. I got mine at the local Army-Navy Store, but you can get them at retailers, Amazon and directly from Rothco.

Lonely Planet – travel advice, supplies and publications

AAA – great for their roadside service, but also a great travel agent and members enjoy free maps and tour books. I’ve been a member since 1990, but my parents were always members when I was a kid. Well worth the modest investment.

Eagle Creek – travel and packing accessories and luggage

Smartphone with GPS or MapQuest

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