An Actual Agenda for This Week ;)


Actually, to be fair to myself I usually do have some sort of plan for the week even if all it might be is my still-new daily format.

However, as many of you know I’ve been trying to expand my writing horizons by participating in Blogging 101, an online workshop that talks about and let’s me try out some of the features here at WordPress. I’ve fallen a bit behind the daily assignments, prioritizing with what I posted instead, and I thought I would use this week to do a little catch up.

Although today I’m already behind since I’ve been out all morning, getting groceries and running some errands after Mass to prepare for the huge snowstorm that’s predicted for us (even though I thought it was supposed to start around one and it is now after three with nary a flake.)

I’m also trying to remake my corner office into some semblance of order, and my mornings to include a prayer or contemplation time to focus and center myself to go forward with my day whatever else I have planned and whatever else it may bring.

One more week in January. A good time to rethink my goals and resolutions and add/subtract as necessary.

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