A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place


A view from my corner office: I have a corner, a chair, built-in bookshelves, a file box, a table lamp, and a pile of organizational tools that I try to use to make myself more efficient; and if course, organized.

Sometimes, it works.

January is the perfect time to reorganize our offices and or lives, what with the cold, snowy weather that keeps us inside.

Here are a few of my office organization; some a bit more unusual than others.


This was a rooster-style book and paper holder from Cracker Barrel, for the kitchen that I've repurposed for my current files. It needs going through.


One shelf. Mostly writing books and my wicker tea box. The next shelf down has most Welsh and Wakes books.


Harry Potter trunk that holds my HP paperbacks; to their left, my fandom books. The shelf below holds my religious books.


A Christmas wine gift box repurposed as my garbage can.


Coffee mugs for pens, pencils, markers, and chopsticks.


Ceramic planter repurposed for all of my small tech.


One of many wicker baskets. Thus I've is basically my top desk drawer.


Small garden tote for all my office supplies: scissors, stapler, hole punch, post-it notes, index cards, etc.


The space for my GISHWHES supplies


Kangaroo pouch for my pocketbook. Moves from pocketbook to pocketbook.

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