Blogging 101


Yesterday’s task was to write an About page. I’ve been struggling with this for a very long time. I’ve got three new WIPs to go along with all my other half-attempts to get something for that elusive click away.

So, I ask you, dear readers: why do you continue to come here? What do you see and what do you hope to see from me?

Feel free to include any other suggestions or comments; I’d love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101

  1. I am really not sure if I expect anything particular from your blog. From our past, I have come to know you a little, and have been humbled by your generosity of soul, and your compassion, to name two of your admirable qualities (and I know you have a fierce loyalty to friends). I would like to see you continue with your writings, and grow in your faith, and look forward to a post that inpires me in some way or another – you never know what or when that may be. But rest assured, if you keep posting, you will inspire/hearten/help others. Sending you love, Brett.

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