Title and Tagline


Title and Tagline

These are things I always have trouble with so any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

I’m happy with my title: Griffins and Ginger Snaps.

I’ve always used a variation of my name our my online user name and I really wanted to get away from that. I love griffins and collect them so that was perfect. I also love alliteration and I think I might have been baking ginger cookies when I was creating my blog.

The tagline, however (an experiment in my writing) definitely needs some work. I wrote about so many topics that I have a hard time pinning down a one sentence description. In the past I’ve used single weird sentences:

Teacher. Writer. Parent. Friend.

But that seemed kind of hokey.
Whittling it down to simple opinions or travel or life advice or any other descriptor seemed to short change it without actually emphasizing the variety.

My tagline is a mess.

Maybe some readers can tell me what they get out of coming to my blog and that might help me nature my space down a bit.

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