Its Okay to be Sick


I intended to reblog this on Christmas but the day got away from me. Even though some of us have gone back to work, for others our kids are home, our relatives expect our company between now and New Year’s and there are still some social obligations that many of us face and sometimes dread.

*Do I Look Sick* has some great advice on doing things at your own pace even if that means bowing out of some things.

My advice is something that I’m still learning: Always do what’s best for you. Don’t let well-meaning family members or friends pressure you or make you feel guilty. Pay attention to how you feel and to how many spoons you have left.

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!

Do I Look Sick?

You know what? No one ever told me that. Ever. And I realized it’s something that I needed to hear.

See, we’re kind of taught that it’s really not okay to be sick. That you need to apologize for being sick. That you need to hole up and hide away when you are sick. I think that subconscious belief ingrained in us does a lot of harm. We feel like we need to say sorry – sorry for being a hassle. Sorry for missing a get together. Sorry that I don’t have good news for you.

That last one is especially prevalent as the holidays approach. I’m asked “Are you feeling better?” all the time. And my knee jerk reaction is a “yup!” until they say “Oh. Because I heard you were in the ER.” and I’m like “Well…..yeah. I had a really bad pain episode….I’m sorry.” I want very…

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