It’s because we have no other choice.

– Sam Winchester, Supernatural. Season 6, Episode 15: The French Mistake


I’ve chosen this quotation for three reasons. For fans of Supernatural, this is an amusing line from The French Mistake when Jared Padalecki was playing Sam Winchester who was playing Jared Padalecki. He was attempting to act, which Sam did very poorly, but it spoke volumes for Jared’s talent.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m referring to, that’s okay. The second reason I picked it because it succinctly states most of the fans in fandom. We’re in fandom because we have no other choice. Fandom has called to each of us individually and drew us into their world. However we interact in it and with it, it is a large part of our lives.

Tonight is the premiere of the 200th episode of Supernatural. It has been on television for ten seasons, premiering in 2005. This is a big deal for a TV show. Not many make this milestone. I am excited and pleased to be a part of this fandom and look forward to the rest of the season and series, however long it will be.

I started posting about fandom yesterday, but this week, I’m highlighting the appeal that fandom life has for many of us in it as well as the differences between the casual fan and the fandom fan.

I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to your comments and insight into your own fannish lives and hobbies. All are welcome.

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