We the People



We need to stick together for these next four years (and longer, but these years are critical). This isn’t about winning or losing, Democrat or Republican, urban or rural, milennial or baby boomer (I’m neither in fact), but the time for passivity is long over. This election was a farce. The Electoral College must be reformed or abandoned as no longer relevant.

These are political resources that I rely on for information. As far as I’v seen there has been no fake news promulgated from these sites or organizations. Some of them do have some opinion writing and editorials, but they are clear that they are just that.


Associated Press

BBC News

MIchael Bechloss – historian

Charles Blow – journalist with the New York Times

Sen. Cory Booker

The Carter Center

Chris Cilizza

CNN – Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon

Stephen Colbert (satirist/comedian)

Committee to Protect Journalists

Rep. Elijah Cummings

Sen. Al Franken

The Hill

Sen. Tim Kaine

Ezra Klein 

Rep. John Lewis

Rachel Maddow – yes, she’s a liberal, but she also explains things really well, in excruciating detail so you can understand it. She’s also a journalist and makes her opinions clear as her opinions and not as facts.

Seth Meyers (A Closer Look segment)


The New York Times

John Oliver (satirist/comedian)

Planned Parenthood Action 


Pro Publica

Dan Rather


Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary. Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley

Sen. Bernie Sanders Facebook – if you were a Bernie supporter or if you weren’t

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Connie Schultz – Ohio journalist

Southern Poverty Law Center

Vox – excellent for explaining an issue in the news.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

The Washington Post

White House (although with it controlled by Mr. Trump and his team, I don’t know how reliable this will be.)