On Writing: JK Rowling


Below you will notice a new strikethrough on the original post from 2019. At the time, the statement was true; I was inspired by JK Rowling in a lot of ways. Unfortunately, she has shown herself to be a hypocrite and transphobic and I can’t promote her anymore. It just doesn’t fit in with my principles.

I thought first of deleting the post, but then thought it would be better if I added my current thoughts and comments and left the link since she still may be able to help new writers.

We’re all adults here, and I leave it to you what you’ll choose to take and what you’ll choose to leave. Sadly, I will need to leave her for my own well-being despite her being an important part of a very difficult part of my life.

Tips for Writing and Other Answers
JK Rowling is one of my true inspirations to keep at my writing. Not only do I enjoy reading her work, she is truly an example and role model of how to share your success, and know yourself and your priorities. Enjoy her words of wisdom. [on writing]

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